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WETT Certified Inspection Checklist Wood Burning Stove

Wett Certified Checklist for Wood Stove
Wett Inspection Checklist for Wood Stove and Fireplace Inserts

The WETT Inspection Checklist for a wood burning stove utilizes:

  1. Information about the particular wood burning appliance that is contained on the manufacturers label affixed to the appliance.
  2. The information that is the most relevant is the standard to which the appliance has been tested. – ULC S627 or ULC S-628 are the currently accepted standards for wood stoves in Canada. If the appliance has that standard listed on the label then the clearances to combustibles listed on the same label are considered valid and can be used in the inspection report.
  3. If there is no label or a label with a different certification then the installation inspection reverts to a set of clearances for what is called an “uncertified appliance” which I will write about in a separate post.
  4. New installations must also have an Environmental Protection Agency rating on the label.
  5. These standards  have been around since early eighties look on the label below to see is you can find the “tested to ULC S-627”.

Doc - Jul 9, 2014, 8-21 PM - p1

If the label is attached to the stove then  the WETT Inspector can trust the clearances listed on the label, there are usually two sets of clearances:

  1. One set of clearances is for single wall stovepipe which has a generic clearance requirement of 18″.
  2. The second set of clearances usually refer to a set of clearances, normally less, if the appliance has been installed with a certified double wall stovepipe.
  3. Some labels have several lists of clearances for different models.
Wett inspection checklist information on stove label
The label shows two sets of clearances based on the type of stovepipe that is used.

Here is my Video that explains some more details of the Wett inspection checklist.

There are several other specifics a Wett inspection checklist looks for:

  1. The size and positioning of the hearth pad. Rule of thumb is 18″ in front of loading doo and 8″ on sides and back.
  2. The type of “through wall” connection to a chimney is another very important consideration.
  3. Another is how the stovepipe flows – rule of thumb is male ends down. And three fasteners per joint on stovepipe. “Straight up” stovepipe should have a slip joint to provide for expansion when hot.
  4. Clearances to combustibles on the chimney structure or assembly is also consideration that a Wett inspection checklist looks for.

Chimney type, flue lining type and quality, attic insulation shields, masonry chimney condition, chimney cap and drip edges, raincaps and chimney liners are also on the list for the WETT inspection checklist.

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