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Why Stucco on a Chimney Deteriorates

Stucco deterioration on a masonry chimney is usually caused by water getting into the structure through a crack in the crown or improper flashing. .

This water is then absorbed into the masonry and soaks up behind the stucco, then a little frost just pops the layers apart. After a few seasons this becomes visual and the stucco is blamed as poor quality or something when the hidden culprit is actually the cracked cap.

Chimney Caps
Chimney Caps crack without being visable

A chimney repair usually consists of removing any loose materials, repairing underlying spalled brick and reapplying matching stucco. If you notice loose material on your chimney, check out chimney repairs bristol to get it fixed as soon as possible.

We then add a crown flashing with a drip edge and some rain caps to stop future water from entering and destroying the chimney again.

We then apply an Elastomeric Coating to seal off the chimney face and make everything the same color.

 We also use various methods of epoxy injection repairs when required or suitable. These can save a lot of money as compared to replacing expensive concrete caps or crowns..
Stucco Chimney Repairs To Crown
Stucco Chimney Repairs To Crown

Here is another example of the same type of repairs using Stainless Steel rain caps on Traditional Chimney Pots

Stucco Chimney Repair
Stucco Chimney Repair

Here is one of our Videos about Stucco Chimney Repair

Here is another video showing our stucco chimney repair methods

Here is still another stucco chimney repair method

Elastomeric coatings are a thick rubberized latex paints used especially for outdoor masonry, they go on thick and make a great water seal as well as adding to the curb appeal of an outdated chimney.

Another Video showing the value added method of our chimney repairs

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