Moisture meter wood

Moisture Meter Wood Firewood

Moisture Meter Wood Firewood

Proper Moisture Content for Firewood is between 12% and 20% You could purchase one of these and never have incorrect standard firewood, you might also be interested in looking at log storage to keep your logs in suitable burning condition, storage units for logs exist and many places have them for sale.


  • Under 12% will burn too quickly and waste fuel
  • Over 20% creates too much creosote and burns poorly.
Moisture meter wood
Moisture meter for wood

This 3-in-1 moisture meter can measure accurately the moisture levels of sawn timber (also paper, cardboard), hardened materials (mortar, concrete and plaster) The measuring range is 6% – 42% for wood

This moisture meter wood is mini in size and is portable for field work. It is very easy to operate to get accurate readings instantly. This is especially handy if you have a dual heating system. You can switch on the HVAC system (as installed by companies, or similar ones) if the wood isn’t quite right, and then switch it off once your wood is ready to go. Perhaps you need to invest in a general heating or cooling system for the house as well, which would mean consulting a professional HVAC Company to talk through your options.

Note: If you are local to Victoria BC – we carry these on our service vehicle and you can purchase directly from us.


-LCD display With Backlight
-3-in-1: sawn timber, hardened materials & ambient temperature (°C/°F)
-Mini & portable
-Easy to operate, quick response
-High accuracy & resolution
-Symbol and unit display
-Auto off
-Displays amount in % (not temperature)
-2 pin Probes
-Low Power Consumption
-Supplied with Batteries & Instructions

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