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Chimney Repairs Victoria BC Area – Flue Guru

Chimney Repairs Victoria BC Area

Proudly Serving the Greater Victoria BC Area – Saanich, Saanichton, North Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, East Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, Highlands, View Royal, Esquimalt, Oak Bay British Columbia.

Chimney Cleaning Time!

Chimney Repairs Victoria BC Cleaning
We Clean your Chimney flue safely and Professionally with our Custom Designed Rotary Sweeping Tools – Click the photo to visit our chimney sweep page.

Chimney Top Restorations in Victoria BC

Chimney Repairs Victoria BC
Chimney Top Protection
  • Concrete or Masonry Chimney Crowns are always Cracked and soaking water into the main chimney structure causing the mortar to fail and the whole structure to deteriorate…
  • We repair the crown cracks with epoxy, sealants or mortar and custom make a crown flashing  with a drip edge to drain away rainwater and acidic creosote mixtures and protect the chimney from any further deterioration.
  • Then we seal off and unused flues, add rain caps or top dampers (like this photo) repoint any bad mortar joints and water proof the structure with a high tech nano waterseal.
  • The result is a chimney restoration that is good for at least 35 years as opposed to ordinary repointing jobs that look the same in 5 -10 years.
  • All this for a fraction of a rebuilding cost.

Whether you need a major wood burning system install, chimney repair or refurbishing or just a cleaning and an inspection… Give us a Call!

Chimney Sweep Victoria BC
Chimney Sweep Victoria BC on top of the process

Here is our Video of one of our recent Chimney Repairs Victoria BC

  • Chimney had many stains on it from previous attempts at repointing which we cleaned up nicely.
  • Tall chimney required some added roof braces to stabilize it properly.
  • Both chimney crowns were repaired and Custom Crown Flashings with drip Edges to preserve the new repointing for many years.
  • We then water sealed both chimneys with our amazing earth friendly high tech nano weatherproofing

Victoria is Full of Gorgeous Heritage Chimneys

Waterproofing Heritage Chimney Adds long Life
Waterproofing Heritage Chimney Adds long Life
  • Preserve your heritage chimney by adding a rain-cap and crown flashing with a good drip edge
  • This stops water from entering the structure and deteriorating any further without looking out of place
  • Weather proofing the masonry with our earth friendly nano waterseal adds many years of life to the beautiful masonry.
Our Methods keep your Wood Burning System Safe, Save you Money – and at the same time – Pay for themselves by adding a large amount of Curb Appeal!
Chimney Repairs in Victoria BC
Dean Brandhagen was a Red Seal Journeyman Mason with 45 Years “Hands on” Customer Service and Contracting Experience. Late Co-founder of Flue Guru. Roland’s Mentor

Before you hire your Neighbour or that ‘Guy from Craigslist’ to do “cheap” after hours repairs:

  • Any Chimney work is considered very dangerous and needs to be assessed and completed by Qualified Professionals with Worksafe BC approved Fall Protection Training. 
  • a homeowner is financially responsible for any injuries to any non WCB insured workers you hire.

We are registered with WorkSafeBC

Note: Any Homeowner who hires untrained tradespeople without WCB coverage are liable for their safety and costs of their claim.

Cracked Chimney Crowns often go Undetected

This is an example of a deteriorated chimney crown with no raincaps or dripedge. Heat in flue liner has expanded flue and cracked the cement that was supposed to divert rain water away, Most chimneys deteriorate like this first, unnoticed by anyone, often for years We do chimney repairs Victoria BC and we have a long distance camera to check chimney tops easily..

Chimney Repairs in Victoria BC
Cracked Chimney Crown allows water to enter which deteriorates the mortar and eventually – all the masonry
Chimney repairs Victoria BC
Here is a before and after series of photos showing the re-pointing and the Crown flashing and Raincap installation.

Chimney Repairs Victoria BC Area – Costs vs Value

We can almost always do a chimney repair rather than a tear down and rebuild. Our methods are very cost effective and provide a long term solution at approximately one third the cost of rebuilding a chimney.

Chimney Repairs Victoria BC
Two Tall Chimneys

As well, the curb appeal of the home is generally increased about three times the cost of the Restoration so its a good investment!

Stainless Steel Chimneys, Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves

WETT Certified Membership
WETT Certified Membership

We also, Inspect, Service and Install all Types of Metal Chimneys, Chimney Liners and Wood Burning Stove Repairs and Installations.

Our Service Area

We are proud to facilitate chimney repairs Victoria BC in the following locations: Victoria, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Vic West, View Royal, Saanich, Saanichton, Brentwood, West Saanich, Central Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney
Langford, Colwood, Glen Lake, Bear Mountain, Highlands, Western Communities, Metchosin, Sooke, East Sooke

For further out areas like Shirley, French Beach, Jordan River, Port Renfrew – add mileage and travel time.

Our Local and Distance Consultation, Second Opinion, Pre Inspection Advisory Services

Do you have specific Smoke Problems, Chimney or Wood Burning System questions or Ideas? A quick consultation could save a larger problem down the road…

Local Victoria Area, BC, Canada, US or International Consultations

Email [email protected]

Roland von Schellwitz B.Eng
Victoria BC’s “Flue Guru”

WETT Certified Chimney Services
12 Years Successful Engineer and Trade Experience 

  • Local “Owner Operator” Family Business Serving Greater Victoria BC 
  • Bachelors Degree in Systems Engineering, Graduated 2004. Worked in HVAC field programming building automation controls before starting Family Chimney Business
  • WETT Certified Wood Heat Professional System Advisor, Inspector, Installer and Chimney Sweep
  • Licenced – Worksafe BC – Insured – BBB

 Talk or Text 1 (250) 418-5110

Annual Inspections and Cleaning

  • Since 1 in every 7 House fires is caused by a wood burning appliance – BC Fire Code and most Insurance Companies Require Annual Inspections & Cleanings on Wood Burning Devices.

      Our Chimney Sweep Service

Draft Problems

Repairs and Upgrades

New Equipment Installations

Wood Burning Accessories 

Weather Proofing 


8 thoughts on “Chimney Repairs Victoria BC Area – Flue Guru”

  1. Hi, will you give an estimate on a job .,,, our house needs a chimney repair, and possibly replacement.,very old house , wood burning fireplace ( although we only burn presto logs in it now because its so old we don’t want too much heat going up!)

    House is in Fairfield area.. not looking to improve looks.. trust me. house is butt ugly as it is.. just want it safe!

    Thanks, Pat Fox

  2. Prior to re- installing a new woodstove, I wish to have the current chimney inspected to insure safety, and assume is may need to comply to today’s standards.. It is approximately 20 years old, on the north outside of the house but enclosed in a stucco covered chaseway. I have chosen the stove but have made no purchases as yet.
    Please let me know if this is part of the work you do and if youi are interested in working with me on this project.
    Thanks, Marie

  3. Hello Dean

    I came across a bad review on Yelp and felt obliged to leave you a good one. If you would like me to remove it, let me know?

    I am a chimney sweep as well as Deans “competition”. I have learned so much from Deans YouTube videos. He is not only a Chimney Sweep but a very experience and good Red Seal Bricklayer.

    I’m not sure the specific details of a previous review, but I can tell you for $1800 the person got a really good deal. To remove and rebuild rotten bricks or rebuild a chase you can conservatively triple that price.

    I work on chimneys and inspect them daily. Most chimneys are built poorly, and that is the reason they fall apart. I can assure everyone that Dean has a very strong understanding of both the functionality and structure of masonry chimneys. If you want a chimney repair job done properly, Dean is the guy to call

    Ryan Verbruggen
    Home Service Pro

  4. I just had Flue Guru clean my chimney from my wood stove. Roland and his assistant arrived when promised and did a wonderful job. They took pictures of the stove pipe before and after and the difference was striking. When they left there was no mess or any indication that they had been here. The cost was as quoted and very reasonable. I am totally satisfied with Flue Guru and would not hesitate to recommend them.

  5. Thank you for the recent service. Prompt efficient work, very clean, we are very satisfied with your service. We would certainly not hesitate to recommend your service.
    Thanks again.

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