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chimney caps repointing chimney
Chimney Repointing on deteriorated chimney caps

The big problem with Chimney Caps

  • Chimney Caps always crack and let eroding water in because the chimney top is the place where hot always meets cold, and when hot meets cold in masonry or concrete – cracks appear. But you don’t have to believe me – just drive along any street and look up at the chimney tops and you will see an abundance of ugly cracks everywhere..

Chimney Repairs in Victoria BC
Cracked Chimney Crown Allows Water which Deteriorates the Mortar and all the Masonry

Chimney Caps Fact 1:

These cracked chimneys were all built by the best efforts of very talented bricklayers and masons – who when they come to repair these cracked-up chimneys – still believe that stronger is better – and they try to correct it by making it even stronger. Which is actually counterproductive in most cases or at the very least extremely expensive. It is thus wise to consult and use Precision Roof Crafters for roof repair and get it professionally checked.
Little known side fact : The building code for masonry chimney construction is very complicated and includes a number of expansion and slip features that very few masons incorporate into their projects because they are simply unaware of the need for them – and have probably never read a building code. I repair many chimneys every year and have yet to come across one that was built correctly according to Canada’s National and BC building code.

Chimney Caps Fact 2:

Chimney repairs become especially confusing when working on a 100 year old chimney that was made with lime and sand as mortar. No cement. The thought process is to make it stronger and harder. When actually some flex in the mortar does not hurt and is recommended. Due to this, it is always best to seek professional help from companies such as

My Chimney Caps Solution:

In answer to this chimney cracking problem, over time we developed a simple and reasonably priced solution by adding our custom structurally constructed sheet metal Crown Flashing with riveted corners and excellent drip edges designed to shed water while allowing the chimney to expand and contract with its heat cool cycles.
Chimney repairs Victoria BC
Here is a before and after series of photos showing the re-pointing and the Crown flashing and Raincap installation

Our Custom Crown Flashing system

is actually structural and was developed in conjunction with a well trained and experienced coppersmith who had much experience in working on extremely high end projects and restorations of castles and heritage projects.
( Drip edges are specified in the building code but rarely are built into a masonry chimney. )

Our metal Crown Flashing product itself is a 26 gauge 35 year plus – rated product which comes in several colours, in fact it’s the same material roofers use to flash all the other areas of the roof. Our Crown Flashing covers up a deteriorating chimney crown in a reasonably priced and functional way and adds at least 35 years to the chimney structure all for a very moderate price.
PS: Regular Mason Contractors don’t like these crown flashings because it violates some unwritten idea that everything has to be hard – unmovable concrete. I know this because I have many videos on YouTube and get many angry comments from masons worldwide whose clients are asking them to provide my type of crown flashing solutions. Local masons also don’t like it because their chimney repair methods and prices do not compete with mine.

Chimney Caps Conclusion

To recap, no pun intended.. haha, our masonry chimney Crown Flashing repair methods allow for cold hot cycles with expansion and contraction, are a maintenance free long term solution and are extremely cost effective. Call for an evaluation and price quote. Usually the price of my repair adds at least double in value to,the curb appeal of your home.
Chimney Caps restoration
New crown flashing stops chimney caps from leaking

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