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Chimney Fire Victoria BC Restoration – Video

Chimney Fire Victoria BC

Proudly Serving the Greater Victoria BC Area – Saanich, Saanichton, North Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, East Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, Highlands, View Royal, Esquimalt, Oak Bay  British Columbia.

We Can Provide

  • Chimney Inspections  after Chimney Fire to Ascertain Usability and Damages
  • Removal of cracked Clay Flue Liners and Liner replacement
  • Cleaning of Glazed or Honeycombed Creosote
  • Replacement of Chimney or Chimney Liners as Necessary

Creosote is formed and deposited hidden in a chimney flue in several ways:

  • burning wood with a moisture content over 20% – Optimum is between 12 and 20%
  • burning wood with high resin content like yellow cedar
  • burning cold smoldering fires
  • Make sure you have a good bed of coals before adding larger firewood pieces
  • Do not smolder fires overnight
  • Use a Stove Thermometer to better manage your creosote accumulation
  • chimney has no rain cap allowing rain to cool smoke
  • flue is larger than the source ie, 6″ stove outlet to 6×9″ or 12×12″ flue which creates a depressurization and rapid cooling  of gases to form creosote deposits.
Chimney Fire Victoria BC
Chimney Fire started in the top then spread to a creosote accumulation at the base of Chimney

The rules are a “wood burning fireplace chimney must be inspected annually and cleaned as necessary.”

  • If you are burning cold fires or wet, resin high wood you may need to clean your stove chimney weekly. That is how fast creosote can build up.

How much is too much creosote? 1/4″ or more glazed creosote can cause serious problems if it ignites creosote is like steam, it can expand up to a thousand times its size when burning and create a plug in the chimney flue or liner.

After a chimney fire has been discovered and extinguished with foam or a chemical fire extinguisher the first step is to call a certified chimney sweep to clean up and assess the damages, then outline a chimney fire restoration plan.

Chimney fire Victoria BC
This is an Aluminum top damper that has melted due to chimney fire.

WETT Certified Chimney Sweep, Maintenance and Repairs in Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, East Sooke, Sooke, Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, Sidney, Vic West, View Royal, Saanichton, Brentwood, North Saanich, Metchosin and area.

Save a  Disastrous Fire by Testing your Firewood Moisture Content

Check your Firewood Moisture Content – 12-20% is best

We usually carry a stock of reasonably priced moisture meters  in our service vehicle!

Roland von Schellwitz
Victoria BC’s “Flue Guru”

WETT Certified Chimney Services
12 Years Successful Contracting and Trade Experience 

  • Local “Owner Operator” Family Business Serving Greater Victoria BC
  • Systems Engineering Graduate, HVAC and building automation control system developer.
  • Trained in trades by Dean Brandhagan, a Master Tradesman – Interprovincial RedSeal Journeyman Brick Mason since 1973, Journeyman Carpenter since 1988, Journeyman Concrete Technician
  • WETT Certified Wood Heat Professional Inspector, Installer and Chimney Sweep
  • Licenced – Worksafe BC – Insured – BBB

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Annual Inspections and Cleaning

  • Since 1 in every 7 House fires is caused by a wood burning appliance – BC Fire Code and most Insurance Companies Require Annual Inspections & Cleanings on Wood Burning Devices.

      Our Chimney Sweep Service

Draft Problems

Repairs and Upgrades

New Equipment Installations

Wood Burning Accessories 

Weather Proofing 

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  1. Hi Dean,

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