Fireplace Damper Repair

Fireplace Damper Repair Replacement Greater Victoria BC

Fireplace Damper Repair Replacement

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 Fireplace Damper Repair Replacement

A damper is a mechanical metal device installed in the throat of a fireplace for the purpose of sealing the flue shut when the fireplace is not in use.

Here is our Video showing how the damper mechanism rusts and seizes.

In Past Years almost all fireplaces were built with no raincap. This leads to several issues:

  • Dampers rust and seize either open or closed due to direct moisture down the flue caused by no raincap.
  • Dampers are blocked from behind due to an accumulation of sand, soot, birdsnests and leaves washed down the flue because there was no raincap installed
  • Racoons and other animals use the Fireplace as cozy dens

So if you are having damper problems check the top of the chimney to see if you have a raincap in place.

Book your service call today to repair a stuck damper! Typical cost range is around  $180- $300

Chimney Top Damper

Here are a couple of our Videos showing how “top dampers” work.

If your damper is non existent or rusted badly a Chimney top Damper is a possible solution.

Top Dampers are often used as replacements for throat dampers that are installed just above the firebox when a masonry chimney is built.

Top-sealing dampers are as much as 90% more efficient than throat dampers because they provide a silicone rubber gasket seal rather than metal to metal seal.

  • Installs on top of chimney and is controlled by cable running into firebox
  • Acts as raincap to keep moisture, wildlife and leaves out of chimney
  • Stops expensive heatloss from heated air being drawn up the chimney 24 hours a day.
  • Stops annoying downdrafts and smells when house system tries to make up air down the chimney.

Top Dampers typically cost between $500 – $700 installed depending on roof accessibility.

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  1. I have an flue-less open fireplace and would like to insert a flue to prevent heat loss.

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