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WETT Inspection Costs Southern Gulf Islands – Video

WETT Inspection Southern Gulf Islands

Pender Island, Galiano Island, Saturna Island, Mayne Island, Salt Spring Island, Sidney Island, and other small islands.

Our Basic WETT Inspection Reports for ” Level One Inspections” cost $260 per Wood Burning Stove,  Wood Burning Furnace, Pellet Stove or Cook Stove appliance, Fireplace or Flue System. This is additional to travel fees and we have a minimum charge for visiting an island, as it ends up being a long day for us.

As well we charge extra water taxi fees for outlaying smaller islands.

If the stove you have has no label it may be possible to issue a good report based on the guidelines for uncertified stoves.

We used to try and arrange multiple inspections for different people on the same visit but that never worked out well so we don’t do that any more. 

Here are our Credentials

WETT Wood Energy Technology Transfer

Wood Energy Technology Transfer

Why Now? Why Me?

Most of the questions we get asked is why does the Insurance Company want this expensive inspection now when the stove has been working well for the last 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years?

The biggest answer is one in every seven house fires is caused by the wood burning stove.

There are other answers like pyrolization which is the slow drying out of framing members which eventually lowers the combustion temperature to the ignition point of paper 451 degrees F.  Remember the movie Fahenheit 451? So if your stove has been operating with improper clearances for any length of time it has begun the pyrolization process.

The other reason for insurance companies demanding these inspections now is because there is now a framework to keep these WETT inspection reports somewhat uniform having inspectors who are also tradespeople being educated to be impartial and knowledgeable with a uniform code book.

Having said that – we are impartial trades people and not stove salesmen which is good for you in most cases.

I have a Brick Wall Behind the Stove – Should be Good

The other main reason that independent WETT inspection reports are  needed is the false idea of homeowners that because a brick or stone wall is behind the stove it is for some reason  fire code compliant.

Ufortunately a brick or stone wall will transfer heat through walls very readily and that pyrolized dried out hidden combustible or wood framing  can have a ignition point of paper by now.

We have seen lots of fires break out behind the masonry where it is impossible to spot. Check the photo on the top of the page and you will see where the creosote melted and dropped to the bottom of a chimney fire and burned the deck through the bricks.

Our Video Walk Through of a Typical WETT Inspection

Here is our Video covering a basic Level One WETT Inspection

WETT Inspection Reports

There are actually three levels of WETT Inspection reports depending on what we see on the Level one we may wish to move to the Level Two or Level Three. Most of the time we are able to ascertain any issues within these three levels on the Gulf Islands  for the  cost as we usually have enough time to look over things quite thoroughly.

Three Levels of WETT Inspection Reports are Available

Look at the official definition of the three levels of WETT Inspection in the photo below.

WETT Inspection Levels
WETT Inspection Levels

Our WETT Inspection Reports

We provide detailed PDF Reports with photos and helpful documents like owners manuals (if available – we have copies of most manuals from this area) which you can email to your your insurance or realtor so everyone can have a copy.

  • We are familiar with these Wood Burning Appliances, Chimneys and accessories: ArchGaurd, Auber Flue Gas Thermometers, BIS, AGA, Blaze King, Brunco, Century, CFA, Canterbury, Coalbrookdale, Daley, Drolet, Dutchwest, Elmira, Englander, Enviro Fire, Enterprise, Excel Chimney, Fawcett, Fisher, HearthStone, Heartland, Heatilator, Hevac, ICC, Jacuzzi, Jotul, Kent, Kodiak, Lopi, Majestic Fireplaces, Marco, Napoleon, Osburn, Oliver McLeod, Orley, Pacific Energy, Pinehill, Petit Godin, Regency, Resolute, RSF, Savannah, SBI, Security Chimney Products, Scan Anderson, Seefire, Sherwood Industries, Superior, Simpson DuraVent Duraliner, Triumph, Timber Ridge,Tuluviki, Ultra black Stovepipe & Certified Wall Pass throughs, Valor, Vermont Castings, Waterford, Z Flex liners and Liner Insulation, and many other woodstoves and appliances..

Please Book Early

Call to arrange time as we only are able to get to the Gulf islands once a month in the Spring and Summer. If we have to do a rush inspection we have to add an additional charge.

Roland von Schellwitz, B.Eng
Victoria BC’s “Flue Guru”

WETT Certified Chimney Services
10 Years Successful Contracting and Trade Experience 

  • Local “Owner Operator” Family Business Serving Greater Victoria BC 
  • Trained by the late Dean Brandhagen, Master Tradesman ( Interprovincial RedSeal Journeyman Brick Mason since 1973, Journeyman Carpenter since 1988, Journeyman Concrete Technician)
  • WETT Certified Wood Heat Professional System Advisor, Inspector, Installer and Chimney Sweep
  • Engineering graduate: Systems Engineering UVic, 2004
  • Licenced – Worksafe BC – Insured – BBB

 Talk or Text 1 (250) 418-5110

Annual Inspections and Cleaning

  • Since 1 in every 7 House fires is caused by a wood burning appliance – BC Fire Code and most Insurance Companies Require Annual Inspections & Cleanings on Wood Burning Devices.

      Our Chimney Sweep Service

Draft Problems

Repairs and Upgrades

New Equipment Installations

Wood Burning Accessories 

Weather Proofing 

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