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WETT Certification Victoria BC Area – Cost $140 PDF Report

WETT Certification Victoria BC Area – Cost $140 PDF Report

When your Insurance Company, Realtor, Building Inspector asks you for a WETT Inspection, Certificate or Certification, what they are really asking for is to have a WETT Certified Inspector – without a ladder or tools – perform a Level One Visual Inspection of the “Readily Accessible” parts of your wood burning stove or furnace, fireplace, chimney or pellet stove system and document the findings into a comprehensive standardized report.

Call the Tradesman with 45 Years Contracting and Hands on Troubleshooting and Trade Experience!

What is WETT?

    WETT is an Acronym for: Wood Energy Technology Transfer
    WETT training offers the same approach to all Wood Burning Technicians and Installers, Salespeople, Insurance companies, Chimney sweeps and Inspectors as opposed to everyone using their own concept of the  rules and common sense ideas that often are wrong.

Check our Video about a Level One WETT Inspection on a Wood Stove. 

We also do WETT certification of Wood Burning Fireplaces and Pellet Stoves.

    covers the inspection of “readily accessible” components of a wood burning appliance, or a site-built fireplace, and the venting system for:
    (a) proper use of required components
    (b) clearance to combustibles
    (c) readily visible system obstructions or deposits
    1. This allows the WETT Certified inspector to verify code compliance of the wood burning system at a homeowner’s request, or with a homeowner’s permission, when requested by a third party (i.e. insurance company, home buyer, local building dept etc)

      1. WETT Inspections are necessary because one in 7 house fires are caused by a wood burning appliance that was installed improperly.
WETT Certification Victoria BC
WETT Certified Membership

We have done many WETT Certification

We started doing Wett Inspections Sooke, Metchosin, Langford, Colwood BC area because there is a shortage of Certified WETT Inspectors in the area.

        1. Although we are based in downtown Victoria, we do charge the same low price of $140 plus GST price per wood burning appliance to do a WETT Certification Report.
          1. We  also offer a certified chimney sweep service for the Victoria  to  Sooke and beyond service area. We use a  state of the art power sweep method with a hepa vacuum system and  very seldom have to go on slippery steep roofs. Again for the low price of $140 plus GST price per wood burning appliance for a standard cleaning. Deglazing or repairs extra.
        1. When you live past Sooke – we still offer our Independent Service but must add a small travel charge according to the extra distance.
        1. Our WETT Certified Inspection Reports are presented in a compact printable PDF file to simply email forward to your Realtor or Insurance company or whoever is requesting it.
          1. Our WETT Inspection Reports include our basic WETT Standardized Report, plus photos, owners manuals for known wood burning equipment, furnaces, Inserts and stoves (we have large library of hard to find owners manuals), and manuals for other Stovepipe or Chimney equipment wherever possible. Everything a prospective Buyer, Building Dept or Insurer would want in one

PDF File often adding up to 30 pages or more.Check Out Our Video about Wett Inspections

We even offer a standard Chimney Cleaning / Wett Inspection combo for $200 plus GST

Our Level 1 Basic Visual WETT Inspection Sooke Metchosin Langford Colwood BC Includes

              • Our multi page written report for our basic, visual inspection performed without a ladder or specialized tools using WETT’s recommended inspection check list for the type of system being inspected.
              • Our Report to you consists of a printable PDF file of our findings using standardized WETT Inspection Checklists outlining compliances, any deficiencies and possible solutions, it also contains applicable photos and a copy of the owners manual in the case of a wood stove, insert of furnace. (manuals on availability, we have quite a few manuals in our library)
              • We provide a deficiency list if required, noting any upgrades necessary to bring your existing system up to code requirements, we can also provide costs estimates
              • SPECIAL NOTE: Although we can provide a new system installation, we are independent owner operators and do not work for a supplier whose main goal is to sell you a new system
              • We also offer some helpful hints and tips on wood burning, firewood moisture meters and stove thermometers to prevent creosote accumulation.

“We Work for You, We Make it Work For You”

 In addition to being certified Wood Burning equipment installers we are Red Seal Bricklayers and can also do all chimney or fireplace repairs.

Call or text 250-418-5110 today or email chimneymeister@gmail.com to arrange a time for your WETT Inspection Greater Victoria BC Area

Prevent Chimney Fires – Check Your Firewood Moisture

12-20% is Recommended Moisture Content

We have moisture meters on hand as well as wood stove thermometers


WETT Certified Inspector

Roland von Schellwitz, B.Eng
Victoria BC’s “Flue Guru”

WETT Certified Chimney Services
10 Years Successful Contracting and Trade Experience 

  • Local “Owner Operator” Family Business Serving Greater Victoria BC 
  • Trained by the late Dean Brandhagen, Master Tradesman ( Interprovincial RedSeal Journeyman Brick Mason since 1973, Journeyman Carpenter since 1988, Journeyman Concrete Technician)
  • WETT Certified Wood Heat Professional System Advisor, Inspector, Installer and Chimney Sweep
  • Engineering graduate: Systems Engineering UVic, 2004
  • Licenced – Worksafe BC – Insured – BBB

 Talk or Text 1 (250) 418-5110

  • WETT Certified Wood Burning Equipment Inspection Reports for Insurance or Building Permits
  • Masonry Chimney and Fireplace Updates, Cleanings Repointing, Rebuilding, Repairs or Removals
  • Wood Stove and Wood Burning Insert Repairs. Cleaning and Installations
  • Annual Chimney Cleaning Service Available
  • Chimney Liners, Flashings, Raincaps and Stainless Steel Chimney Repairs and Installations

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